• doesn’t take into account habit’s and attitudes, or mood
  • face validity- can predict the likelihood of action
  • cannot measure modifying factors
  • provides link between attitudes and behaviour- EV

Murray and McMillan

  • attrition of subjects
  • problems with questionnaires
  • only assessing one type of behavior
  • only applicable to girls frm Northern Ireland- not generalisable
  • increase confidence
  • no imperial way of measuring the variables
  • not EV to ask questionnaire
  • time consuming- long questionnaire

People pass through 2 stages of assessment when performing any behaviour

Personal area



  • two sided- looks at personal and social beliefs
  • significant detriment of behaviour
  • components of the model EV (c/r to all)
  • relationship between intension and actually doing it- may be due to other reasons. Valid?
  • done over 6 weeks. Attrition
  • probs with questionnaires
  • 320 men- generalisibility
  • Motivation to comply with self beliefs and perceived beliefs of significant others is an effective was of determining the likelihood of behaviour.

    Same as above



    • intergrates different models of health behaviour
    • t take into account external factors (c/r BHM& TRA)
    • doesn’t take into account changing behaviour

    Van der Velde

    • probs with questionnaire
    • mixture of homo and hetro- generalisable to both but only those in Amsterdam
    • subjective response
    • valid if not take into account personal habits?

    Sexual behaviour can be predicted by the treat and coping appraisal, though this is improved by additional variables such as social norms.

    Self –selected. Has IC



    • Takes into account practicality of behavior and personal attitudes towards it.
    • Accounts for individual beliefs and feelings.
    • Restricted to self and self beliefs- not take into account external factors e.g. culture and religion

    Wulfert and Wan

    • No standardised way to measure- reliable?
    • Problems with survey- lie about personal feelingsà reliable?
    • Everyone’s reasons for feeling sth is diff, they way that they feel it is diff- still valid?
    • Only used college students that were boys
    • Not EV to use questionnaires


    Personal beliefs and componance determine whether a person is likely to engage in a behaviour.

    Condom and sex is a personal area